Lucio Sergio

3rd Degree black belt Lucio Sergio Dos Santos is the Head Coach and founder of Lucio Sergio BJJ Lifestyle, he received his black belt from Joelson Souza in 2007 in his home city of Rio De Janerio. Lucio moved from Rio to Preston, Lancashire where he trained at the Gracie academy there. Lucio opened his own Gym in Southport in early 2015 and has affiliated gyms across the northwest of England including Liverpool and Manchester.

The Gym

The atmosphere inside the gym is very friendly and gives a positive vibe, Lucio welcomes everyone and anyone and always has time for every one of his students. LSBJJ provides a perfect training environment for beginners to professionals alike. There are fundamental and advanced classes plus the opportunity for 1 to 1 sessions with the legend himself.

Great Coaches

There are further opportunities to train in Gi and No-GI with one of Lucio's’ understudies Chris Thompson who is the current World Champion in his division at Brown Belt. Lucio has competed at the very highest levels and is a multiple world champion in his division and has collected many other titles across the world.

Lucio Highlights

Techniques taught by Lucio, used in competitions at the highest levels.

What the students say

I've been training with Lucio Sergio since 2013, Lucio is a great coach, inspirational and most of all a great person. Lucio has created a great team and environment for anyone who steps foot inside any of his academies. The classes are fun and competitive at the same time.

Terrance Yu - Liverpool Head Coach

Training at LSBJJ Lifestyle is like meeting with your family and engaging in something special, I have built great relationships and bonds that I haven't had before. Oss

Paul Smith

The training is the best I have ever known in a BJJ gym, friendly and everyone eager to learn. Lucio is a true inspiration to me and all that train with him.

Brian Crowley

As a female in BJJ I find the gym very welcoming and Lucio gets the balance for the classes just right between technique and exercise.

Amina Salem

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